Sustainable Development


We strive to create products that are the best they can be in every way. Products for wall covering, wall decoration and wall organization that are beautiful and easy to use. The same passion for innovation goes into how we think about environmental responsibility.

A Planet in Crisis — We believe climate change is real. And that it is a real problem.

We work hard to reduce our impact on climate change and find ways to use greener materials.

We’ve found ways to reduce energy consumption, get energy from cleaner sources and to use materials more efficiently during production. We are one of the first to use 100% clean energy and reduce 100% energy consumption of non renewable resources in our newest Eco production facilities. By this our carbon footprint per product is strongly dropping.

We care about that goes into our products. We are working more and more with more sustainable materials – materials that are renewable, recyclable and recycled. We create compact products that are more material efficient. By using materials carefully we keep our prices down and make the best use of resources. Once a wallsupply product reaches the end of its life, it is recyclable and/or some even biodegradable.

Harmful toxins do not belong in our products. We design our products with cleaner, safer materials to eliminate toxins and to get the best healthy product certifications available, like VOC A+.

At WALLSUPPLY, we’ve always had a green heart. It’s why we’ve been offering natural wood panels since 2012.

WOOD - Nature's stroke of Genius !

While today, many claim sustainability – sometimes in a way that’s vague or unproven – we remain faithful to our values, communicating clearly and transparently.

We display ‘sustainable wood’ only with FSC®-certified items. 

Look for our FSC® - certified products!


Environmental degradation is everyone’s problem. Businesses have a responsibility to take action.

Eight million tons of rubbish reach the seas and oceans every year. According to UN calculations, approximately 80% of plastic waste comes from land while 20% comes from sea sources (nets) or from the impact of fishing vessels. Plastics and microplastics (268,940 tons according to the latest reports) have a direct impact on marine flora and fauna, causing the deaths of more than a million birds and
100,000 marine mammals. There are five garbage islands that are mostly made up of microplastics: two in the Pacific, two in the Atlantic and one  in the Indian Ocean. In Europe, 50% of plastics end up in landfills without recycling and millions of cans, bottles and containers are thrown away every day and end up polluting the natural environment.

At WALLSUPPLY, we develop products with as much as possible recyled and upcycled materials, trying to make our contribution to reduce plastic waste in the environment.




At WALL!SUPPLY we strive for a sustainable future, developing beautiful products for sustainable homes with materials used that respect the environment and fight climate change.

We support the initiatives from the European Union

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